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Photos From A Great Day!

As promised, here is a gallery of photos of some of the wonderful ladies who came to my baby shower to help me celebrate the twins. I took about 100 pictures, so naturally I needed to edit them and post only those that came out good (leaving out the ones in which the subjects think they don’t look nice). I apologize to anyone I left out!

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Showers of Love

Keith and I have some extremely generous friends and family. That much we have always known. But we are still so surprised and touched by all of the wonderful presents people have sent us, brought to our shower, etc.

So many people took the time to log on to our registries to buy the twins items they will need: double strollers, cribs, high chairs, car seats, swings, bedding, bottles, etc. They picked out adorable, coordinating outfits for the boys. They sent the boys favorite books from their own childhoods, or toys their own babies loved.

What Keith and I didn’t realize was that we also have a ton of super creative friends! Thanks to them, the twins will have some homemade and personal items to cherish. Here are just a few:

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The greatest gift of all, though, is all of the love that Matt and Nate will receive from so many people. That love was evident at my baby shower. Stay tuned for a slideshow of photos from the shower!

The Double Duty Baby Shower

Usually, throwing a baby shower is a somewhat straightforward task. You pick a date a month or so before the baby’s due. You choose a local spot and invite relatives and friends. Everyone oohs and aahs as the mom-to-be opens her gifts. Then the expectant mother hauls home her presents, sets up the nursery, and waits happily for her little bundle to arrive.

Not so when Mom-to-Be lives 1,600 miles away, is expecting twins, and will be splitting her time between two locations while Dad-to-Be goes off to war. Here’s what planning my baby shower entailed:

1. Because carrying twins comes with a higher risk of preterm labor, I was cut off from flying at 24 weeks pregnant. That meant my mom had to plan my shower super quickly for a weekend 3 1/2 months before my actual due date. It also meant she couldn’t surprise me—though finding out I was having twins was enough of a surprise to last a lifetime.

2. Two babies need lots of stuff. When those babies will be living in two places, the amount of stuff needed doubles. Consider this: Two nurseries means four cribs, two changing tables, etc. What I struggled with was what exactly I would need in each place. This made setting up a baby registry unusually challenging.

3. Then there was the minor issue of exactly how to get the things I’d need here in Colorado, back to Colorado.

Ultimately, none of that mattered thanks to my wonderful and resourceful mother, my extremely thoughtful friends and family, and a husband with packing skills that can’t be matched.

The baby shower took place on Saturday, March 26 at the Greenhouse Cafe, a delicious Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. About 40 of my closest friends and family members came from far and near to help me celebrate. My sisters-in-law even flew from Michigan and Ohio to be there! The afternoon was full of love and laughter, and really, that was all I needed.

My mom did an amazing job with the planning. She created a safari theme to match the theme of the twins’ future nurseries, pulled together by adorable diaper cakes made by Jennifer Esposito of Little Madam Tutu. Here’s one of them:

Jennifer even included a yellow ribbon at the bottom in honor of Keith!

Here I am with Mom, the hostess :

And with Keith before the shower:

And here are the boys’ gifts, most of which Keith managed to stuff into four suitcases that we took home with us. The twins are so spoiled already!

All in all, I could not have asked for a better baby shower or for more amazing friends and family. Thank you so much to my mom for doing such a great job, and thank you to all of the wonderful ladies who came to help me celebrate. Keith and I so appreciate everyone’s generosity and thoughtfulness!

Stay tuned for a slideshow of photos from the shower, as well as one of some of the wildly creative gifts the boys received!

Professional Pregnancy Photo Shoot

A rite of passage for many expecting couples is the professional pregnancy photo shoot. So naturally, Keith and I scheduled one with the best photographer we know—my brother, Dan, of Marino Photography. As a mom-to-be, I am in awe of my own growing belly and I wanted to document it forever. Plus, I think the twins will get a kick out of seeing photos of how large Mommy was when they were in her tummy!

On March 26, the morning of my baby shower, Dan turned my parents’ living room into a makeshift photo studio. A black backdrop, huge lights, and all sorts of crazy paraphernalia filled the room as Mom and Dad rushed back and forth, getting ready and loading the car for the shower. When looking at the finished product, though, you’d never guess what was going on behind the scenes! Below are some of our favorite shots from the shoot. My only regret is forgetting to get photos with the cameraman himself!


Me with my mom

Dan is available to shoot kids, families, events…pretty much anything! Check him out at!

A Visit From Auntie Christine!

Whoa! It’s been way too long since I’ve posted, but I’ve had a very busy—and very fun—few weeks. I’ll do my best to fill you in on everything in the next several blog posts.

From March 18-23, my best friend, Christine—Auntie Christine to the twins—came to Colorado for a visit. Despite my being unable to drink, hike, or do many of the other activities people like to engage in when they visit, we still managed to pack a lot of fun into her time here!

The weather was in the 70s and sunny throughout Christine’s stay. Garden of the Gods was, as always, a highlight of the trip. Keith and I were thrilled to see lots of parents pushing their babies in strollers or hiking with them in backpacks. It reassured us that we’ll be able to maintain our active lifestyle even with two little ones in tow!

Christine listening for the babies!
We can't wait to take the boys here when they are born!

We also enjoyed a DELICIOUS brunch at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, at which I think I ate more than Christine and Keith put together (but sadly had to skip the mimosa). Here I am on the resort’s patio at exactly 23 weeks pregnant:

23 weeks!

And with Daddy!

Only about 14 weeks to go!

Seven Falls was also loads of fun:

Even Flat Stanley had to show the baby bump some love!

Flat Stanley and the twins!

Auntie Christine and her nephews also enjoyed their first visits to the Olympic Training Center, the Broadmoor, and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

The night after Christine left, Keith and I took a red-eye to New York for my baby shower. It was my last plane ride until after the babies are born, which is strange for someone so used to being able to hop a flight on a moment’s notice. Guess that’s just another change I’ll have to get used to when I become a mommy. Stay tuned for photos from the baby shower weekend!

Movin’ On Down!

This morning we had yet another ultrasound. Matthew—who’d been lying across the top of my belly for the first half of the pregnancy—is now head down and in perfect position to make his grand entrance into the world. I wasn’t surprised to see this. About a week ago, I felt some strange movements on my left side while lounging on the couch with Keith. When we looked down, my tummy was completely lopsided. The right side was still its perfect round shape, but the left was raised and kinda lumpy. When we pressed on it, it totally felt like baby.

“Wow!” I remember saying to Keith. “This is definitely Matthew! He’s moved!”

And sure enough, both twins are now head down, feet up. In fact, Matthew is now lower than Nathaniel. That means he technically should be labeled Baby A now … but for the sake of not mixing the twins up, he will remain Baby B.

The boys were playing footsie during the ultrasound! Nate is now one pound exactly, while Matt is one pound and two ounces. Unfortunately, this ultrasound was done at my regular OB/GYN’s office rather than at the perinatologist’s office, so the scans are not as clear. However, I do have a fetal growth ultrasound on April 4 at the perinatologist’s office, so I can post more photos of the growing boys then!

I also have an appointment on April 1 for my gestational diabetes test. Yes, I have tons of appointments, and Keith comes with me to every single one—even if he has to dash out of work between meetings and take me to the doctor in his uniform. That makes me realize that even though he won’t be here for the twins’ entire first year, I am extremely lucky to have such an involved and enthusiastic father for my twins. I love having Keith here to experience the pregnancy with me. He gets such joy out of seeing my belly grow, feeling the kicks, etc.

Keith is also so eager to put together all of the baby gear that our extremely generous relatives and friends have been sending to our house. This is wonderful, but it also means that the twins are already taking over our home! In the past few weeks alone, we’ve received car seats, a swing, booster seats, and lots more. Keith gets to work on them all right away—even though I remind him that the boxes take up less space than the assembled products!

To give you a sense of how just how much space these two little babies and all of their things will take up, here is a photo of our new double stroller (Thanks, Aunt Terry and Uncle Andy!) with one of the car seats in it (Thank you, Tianying and JC!).

I'm going to have to start lifting some serious weights!

It’s about double the size of me! How do I look pushing it?