Nicole Daddona / For the Los Angeles Times

Military life certainly has its share of challenges—frequent moves, long separations, dangerous deployments, etc. But it also opens the door to so many new experiences—and teaches you things you never knew about yourself.

I, for one, was a true New Yorker in every sense of the word and planned to live there forever. Then I met Keith. I first left my beloved city in 2006, kicking and screaming. I quickly discovered that there was a big, beautiful country—and a whole new world—outside of New York.

Today, I had a story published in the Los Angeles Times about falling in love with Keith—and with Southern California. If it weren’t for the military, I would never have met this amazing man, discovered this wonderful place, or had my beautiful children. So for all of the sacrifices I’ve made as a military spouse, I’ve gained a beautiful life full of love, laughter, and joy. Read all about here: Battle of L.A. vs. NYC ends in a love match.



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  1. I can hear or read that story over and over again because it’s so exciting and I remember every step of the way. You are truly blessed to have met such a wonderful man. You have two beautiful boys, a baby girl on the way, a wonderful family and good friends. Keith and you were meant to be together! Love you guys, Josi

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