It is Friday afternoon and we are closing out a really busy week for our family! First off, it was Keith’s first week home after a long month in the field, and it’s been wonderful. I can’t believe it’s only been a week because it feels like he was never even gone.

The boys are really loving having Daddy home. As soon as he gets home from work, I no longer exist and they start climbing all over him like little monkeys. They just seem happier. I am thrilled to have Keith back too, off course!

This week, I also started a new work-at-home gig! I am now a senior editor for Baby Gizmo is a parenting resource site featuring in-depth reviews of baby and kid products, a baby product price compare engine, travel reviews, kid-friendly recipes, and parenting news and advice. In my new role, I will be writing two to three blog posts a week about a variety of parenting topics. I’ll also be reviewing products and sharing some family recipes. Look for my posts at!

Don’t worry, I’ll also still be writing about my own family here at I do have some big changes in store for this site, though. I’ll be creating a section on which I will add links to all of my Baby Gizmo posts, as well as to the stories I write for Scholastic News Online,, and more. Who knows—Double Duty may even get a complete makeover. Stay tuned!

Another big thing for us this week? On Thursday, the boys had their first dentist appointments! A couple of months ago, the twins’ pediatrician suggested we take Matt to a pediatric dentist because his incisors hadn’t grown in yet. So, we figured we’d bring both boys in for a checkup. But by the time the appointment came, Matt’s incisors had grown in, and the dentist said both boys have great teeth. Yay!

I wish the actual appointment had been a happier one. The twins were not happy to be at the dentist and to have people poking around in their mouths. I wasn’t surprised that Matt didn’t do well, because he doesn’t even like to have his teeth brushed. But I really thought Nate would do better because he loves when we brush his teeth. Unfortunately, both boys fussed and cried and caused a scene until the appointment was over.

Matt's first dentist visit
Matt didn’t mind brushing the stuffed dog’s teeth, but he refused to let the hygienist brush his teeth!

One thing Keith and I were surprised about? All of the patients were seen in one big, open room. The boys had chairs next to each other, and only a few feet in front of them was a teenager getting his teeth cleaned. Next to them was a little girl waiting to be seen, and there were two other boys getting procedures done across the room.

We’re wondering: Is this how all pediatric dentist offices are? Is it a new trend? Is there some kind of research that shows that kids are less afraid when they can see other kids being worked on, too? Because I think Matt and Nate were actually freaked out by all the people in the room. Their incessant wailing could not have made the other kids feel too good, either.

In any case, I am glad that traumatic experience is over. Matt and Nate got over it quickly, and we have a three-day weekend with Keith to look forward to. I am excited for all of the great stuff we have coming up in the next few months—the new work I’ll be doing, our upcoming move to California, the boys turning two. We’ll be super busy, but we’ll be having a great time! I’m glad to have you all along for the ride!

Nate happy
Dentist appointment over + full belly = happy Nate!

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