On January 19, the twins turned 19 months old! I can’t believe it, because I feel like their 18-month milestone passed by before I could even realize it. And now, they’re closer to age 2 than age 1. Yes, people: The Terrible Twos are quickly approaching!

The boys didn’t get their 18-month checkups until January 7 because we had been in New York for the holidays. It was their last well-baby visit, which means they are officially no longer babies. They’re toddlers. (Sniff, sniff. I’m having a my-boys-are-growing-up moment.) Here were their stats:

Height — 32 1/4 inches (40th percentile)
Weight — 23 lbs., 14.5 oz. (40th percentile)
Head Circumference — 49 inches (80th percentile)

Height — 32 3/4 inches (50th percentile)
Weight — 24 lbs., 10 oz. (50th percentile)
Head Circumference — 49 1/2 inches (90th percentile)

The major things you can take away from those stats are the following:

1. My boys have big heads.

2. Matthew has finally nearly caught up to Nate in height and weight and is no longer considered tiny for his age! Considering that he was only 3 lbs., 12 oz. at birth and was not even on the growth chart for a very long time, this is huge. Also, he was only in the 9th percentile for weight at his 15-month appointment, so he’s grown a lot in the past few months. (I guess a healthy appetite and a penchant for mac and cheese and penne all vodka will do that to a little boy!)

But the boys are growing by leaps and bounds mentally, too. It seems like every day, they say a new word or two. Just yesterday Nate called my dad “Pop Pop” for the first time, much to his grandpa’s delight. And last week, when I said “I love you” to Matt, he responded with “Ah lub yoo”, and I nearly died. Died. (Consequently, when I say “I love you” to Nate, he responds by blowing me a kiss. It’s pretty cool how he’s made the connection between kisses and love.) “Ball”, “car”, “Mama”, “Daddy”, “star” and “Uh oh!” (even when a situation does not warrant an “Uh oh!”) are also in frequent rotation in the boys’ vocabulary.

Matt and Nate know most of their animal sounds as well as the “Grandpa sound.” (I will ask them, “What does Grandpa say?” and they’ll make a snoring noise. I guess they’ve seen—and heard—Grandpa fall asleep on the couch one too many times!) They also know their shapes and are starting to learn colors, although so far they seem to only have mastered blue (A.K.A. “boo”).

The boys are still obsessed with cars and trucks. They basically flip their lids whenever they see one. During car rides, Nate will point out the window and yell, “Car!” when he sees a vehicle pass. So you can imagine what it sounds like: “Car! CAR! CAR CAR CARCARCARCARCAR!” The other day at the park, they spotted a garbage truck and waved to it. When the sanitation men waved back, they went nuts.

The boys also still love to read. Nate’s favorite book right now is I Can Be A Real Boy. Matt’s favorite is The Little Engine That Could. But Matt actually prefers magazines over books. (I guess he takes after his mommy!) He’ll become absorbed in any magazine he gets his hands on—Time, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, and even random catalogs. He will carefully turn each page and then point furiously at any photo he finds interesting. (Bonus points if he finds a photo of a car or a truck.)

Their favorite toys right now—besides their plethora of cars and trucks, of course—are their KidKraft Around Town Train Set and Table, their Fisher-Price Little People play sets, their ball pit, their Buzz Lightyear Power Wheels, and their flash cards. But they have so many more toys that they love, and it’s amazing to watch their imaginations at work as they play with them. They also still love technology and are thrilled when we let them play with their kiddie apps on our iPhones or iPads. We even got them their very own VTech InnoTab 2s.

And they love animals—especially dogs. If we go to someone’s house who owns a dog, they’ll follow the dog around and pet it and wave to it. If a dog barks, they’ll laugh hysterically rather than get frightened. (Keith says this means we need to get a puppy. I say Keith is crazy!)

The twins are still enjoying Gymboree and Toddler Time at the library each week. They’re becoming much more physically adept, climbing and navigating the play structures at Gymboree and the playground like little monkeys. Believe it or not, Matt is a bit more careful, while Nate is fearless. Nate will dive down a slide head first without even batting an eyelash.

But with all of these wonderful developments comes toddler behavior of the less happy kind: tantrums. The boys are definitely becoming more opinionated with each passing day, and when they don’t get their way, they get angry. That means crying, screaming, throwing themselves on the floor, and kicking their legs furiously. They’re also becoming more independent and wanting to do things on their own, and when they fail, they’ll get really frustrated and throw a tantrum. A good example is when we went to P.F. Chang’s for lunch last week with some friends from Gymboree. Nate insisted on eating his lo mein by himself with a fork, but when the noodles kept sliding off the fork, he started to get agitated. When I reached over and tried to help him, he lost his mind and flew into a tantrum, and Traci (our babysitter) had to take him outside for the rest of the meal. Oh, life with toddlers.

All challenges aside, though, I am absolutely loving this age and seeing the world through the eyes of toddlers. The best part is when the boys drop what they are doing and run over to give me hugs, or when they reach up to me longingly so I can pick them up and cuddle with them. I still can’t believe my good fortune in getting to be Matt and Nate’s mommy. Here are a few photos from their recent 18-month-old photo session. They were taken by Julie Pearson of Julie Pearson Photography. Enjoy!

Boys 18 months

Matt 18 months

Nate 18 months

Matt baseball

Nate baseball

Family 18 months

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  1. Hi Jen,

    Believe it, that you are blessed with two handsome, smart and independent little boys who adore their Mommy, and Daddy too! I can’t believe 18 months have passed either. I love the lo mein story about Nate, he’s holding a fork already which is great! Noodles aren’t easy to keep on a fork when you are 18 months old. I’m so surprised that Matt is more careful than Nate because he looks like the one that would be more daring. Hugs and kisses to your little men.

    Love Jo

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