Once you reach that point in pregnancy at which you look like you swallowed a watermelon, you become an instant celebrity. You begin to elicit stares wherever you go. Those stares intensify when you’re attempting to do something that should otherwise come easily, such as squashing yourself into a restaurant booth or trying to climb into your SUV without falling out. (Although, I can imagine what a funny sight that must be!)

All of the attention made me really uncomfortable at first. “What, they’ve never seen a pregnant lady before?!?” I’d snarl to my husband. But now, I barely even notice the stares. I guess I’ve become somewhat immune to them.

What I am less immune to, however, are the way-too-personal questions asked by nosy strangers, and the predictions of all the doom and gloom to come as soon as I pop my babies out. In the spirit of trying to minimize these ambushes for future pregnant ladies, I compiled a list of things you should never say to a pregnant woman—especially one you’ve never met. (Disclaimer: The list is mostly all in good fun! Keith and I actually laugh off most of the comments.) Check it out on rd.com, the online version of Reader’s Digest:


Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest (ha), here’s an update on the twins: As of my June 8 appointment, they’re doing great! Nate is 5 lb., 3 oz. Matt is 3 lb., 14 oz. Matt is head down, but Nate is breech and on top of Matt. (I can’t imagine how it could be comfortable for poor Matt to have a giant baby pressing down on him, but the doctor insists that babies love being smushed together in the womb. Whatever floats their boat.)

So, we’re giving it another two weeks. I return to the perinatologist on June 22, and if the boys aren’t growing well at that point, they’ll take them out! If they are growing well, we’ll try to go one more week. So that means the twins will be here in roughly a couple of weeks! I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone, and I am excited to be able to walk and bend over and get up off the couch like a normal human being. Oh, and then I can gawk at all the other pregnant ladies and ask them inappropriate questions. 😉

7 comments on “What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman!”

  1. All of the gawkers see that pregnant glow and are automatically attracted to it…That is how I rationalize it when I catch a dude staring your way!

  2. Mosat of those remarks are just from nothing but ignorant people. I think you look beautiful and I agree totally with Keith. Just ignore the dumb remarks and enjoy your pregancy. Can’t wait to see those two little boys. Keep in touch.
    love patti

  3. Loved the list :o)
    I have found, that for some reason, people are not at all ashamed to ask a couple totally personal and inappropriate questions in regard to children. Whether it’s, “When are you going to have a baby?” or “when are you going to have another baby, it’s always nice to have at least two?” But my absolute favorite is when someone sees a pregnant woman and they reach out to touch her swollen belly. I’ve stared in horror, as if it’s happening in slow motion, at the audacity of some people; you should at least know the pregnant person you are about to molest in the middle of the street!

  4. Love your list…though I must admit, I am guilty of saying those things to other pregnant women too! 🙂 I take all the comments in jest. because sometimes I not only look like I am going to burst, but I feel like it. Also, they just remind how lucky I am to be pregnant and carrying around the next love of my life. ( Sean turns 2 tomorrow, I can’t believe it!)

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